Monday, June 05, 2006

The end of print

Recently CBC aired a three part series called "The End," which explored the continuing viability of a number of different media, including the "End of Print." Despite the ominous title, this documentary seems to conclude that print isn't going anywhere; yet, the situation is changing, partly due to blogs like this one:
One of the biggest threats to print is the sheer volume and variety of writing that can be found online. By starting a 'blog' or web journal, anyone can became a writer and publish their work for others to see at no cost.
Electronic media will doubtless continue to impact the ways we use and perceive print, but the printing press did not make the manuscript extinct, nor will laptops kill off the book. Rather, it seems that more and more we employ several forms of the written word to facilitate different tasks: if you see any given student on a bus there is a good chance their backpack will contain handwritten notes, various books, and a laptop or other electronic storage device, like a USB flashdrive.

In any case, although "The End" aired a month ago, you can watch it online at the site linked to above.

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