Monday, April 09, 2007

Bibliochic with the “Bibliochaise”

"If you read a lot of books and your house is full of them, the Bibliochaise is an extremely useful item, and a good asset for your living room." So says the advertising blurb for this bibliophilic chair. "The Bibliochaise is a different kind of chair, designed for people who love to read and want to keep their favourite books close at hand. This Italian designed armchair library was first shown at the Salone del Mobile 2006 in Milan. The Home model measures 40.16 X 33.46 X 28.94 inches and has 16:40 feet of space to store your books and manuals. the chair can be customized with your favourite colours, and the replaceable cushion covers also have six different colour options, so you can match the style of your house. The Contract chair is a bigger model, and is made out of your choice of wood, with leather cushions. If you have thousands of books in your house, the Bibliochaise is not only a great way to keep them close, but it also looks comfortable enough for you to read them while you are sitting on it. Not to mention that this chair is going to be a huge success with your friends when you throw your next party, especially for those who are also book lovers."

To see pictures of this curious gadget please go to here or here.

Can this be the answer to public library seating and shelving problems? Can it be the long-looked for answer to your own decorating and book storage issues? Will you become the chic-est member of your book club?

(From Richard Hopkins)

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