Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Memory of Chris Stern

In Memory of Chris Stern:
"You Told Me Once You Only Printed in Natural Light"

Maralyn Crosetto, Day Moon Press, and Mare Blocker have combined to produce a new limited edition broadside. It is being sold as a fund-raiser to help with the medical bills for the late Chris Stern. Chris Stern was a nationally-known fine press printer and teacher. He passed away last November. The image on the broadside depicts Chris and Jules' printing shop in the Skagit Valley, The Printing Farm.

Chris was a dear friend. We are honored to have copies of this wonderful broadside and to help with sales and distribution. The price of the broadside is $75. (A larger donation is, of course, welcome.)

Checks are preferred, made out to Jules Remedios Faye. Donations, along with a shipping address, can be sent to either:

  • Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers - 208 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104 - (206)682-3545, or

  • Day Moon Press 3320 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144

The broadsides can also be picked up at either location.

Maralyn Crosetto:
“I have some wonderful memories of sitting with Chris Stern on one porch or another, drinking coffee, eating his famous scones and talking about books, or printing or anything else in the world. Most of my memories, however, are of Chris at work. At work is where I could find him. Whether it was noon or midnight, that is where he would be.

The inspiration for this broadside comes from those many, many nights when Chris would be out in his and Jules' shop, working his magic with type, ink and paper. When I told Mare Blocker of my vision of the Printing Farm, glowing in the dark, she most graciously wrote the poem to accompany it.”

Maura Shapley, Day Moon Press:
“When Maralyn approached me with the idea of printing this piece, she hadn't started drawing yet. We decided early on certain practical matters: first, her comfortable image size and style determined which presses to use; then, parent sheet size led to finished size; proportions narrowed down type choices.

After scanning her pencil drawing, Jack used filters to translate it into a mezzotint-like image. A magnesium engraving was then made (locally, at Evergreen Engravers). Maralyn then cut the linoleum blocks for blue-grey and yellow, registering to the black proof. In one week, we had all three main presses tied up at once - the large Vandercook on black, the SP-15 on grey, and the 12 x 18 C&P on yellow - then again for both type passes - while Maralyn set type and remixed inks for the color balance, and I tweaked fit.

Maralyn and I have worked together on letterpress projects of all kinds for nearly thirty years, and somehow this was the smoothest and most satisfying of all.”

Jules Remedios Faye:
“When I learned that Maralyn Crosetto, Maura Shapley and Mare Blocker were collaboratively creating a broadside in Chris' memory, I was deeply touched. But when I visited Maura's shop to see this broadside for the first time, the tenderness of the image and the heartfelt words of the poem broke my heart open. The love and genuine affection this collaboration represents is deeply healing and inspiring.

After the hospital gave us a generous 80% charity deduction on the bills we incurred while Chris was in hospital, I am left with close to $30,000 in medical bills. 100% of the sales of this loving tribute to Chris will go toward paying those bills. This broadside is limited to 70 copies. The first 65 people who send $75 or more will receive one of these beautiful broadsides, which were lovingly letterpress printed by Maura and Maralyn and include an original image by Maralyn, accompanied with a poem by Mare. “

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers is located in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle. Shop hours are Monday thru Saturday, 11-6pm.

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers
208 First Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98104
206.682.2391 (fax)
888.383.3631 (toll free)
Members ABAA, ILAB

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Announcing "Helvetica: The Film" -- August 7th

The Society of Graphic Designers, BC Mainland Chapter, and Metropolitan Fine Printers welcome you to the evening gala screening of the critically acclaimed documentary film Helvetica".

This special evening includes the film screening, after-party and post film discussion with Director Gary Hustwit, Douglas Coupland, and Jim Rimmer (hosted by VFS Digital Design).

Tuesday August 7th, 2007
Empire Granville 7 Cinema, 855 Granville Street

6:30 to 7:00 pm
Check-in & Admission

7:00 to 9:00 p.m
Film Screening and Q&A with Director and Special Guests.

9:00 to 9:30 p.m
Gala After-Party Hosted by GDC and Metropolitan Fine Printers (beer/wine/snacks)

$15 GDC members/students
$20 non-GDC members

For ticket information visit on
Wednesday, July 11 at 9am.

Barbara Hodgson talk

This just came across my desk from Rollin Millroy, proprietor of the Heavenly Monkey Press and editor of Amphora:

The very cool Barbara Hodgson will be giving a talk this Thursday 12 July at Emily Carr (north building, room 245, 7:30 pm) as part of the summer book arts program. She will be talking, with lots of slides, about her upcoming limited edition book, The Temperamental Rose. This is a book about color wheels. With her collaborator, the binder Claudia Cohen, the book reproduces versions of color studies from the past five centuries, and offers new and fanciful ways of seeing color. An introductory essay briefly explains the history of color, and each of the color charts is accompanied by explanatory text.

The text and color wheel outlines were printed letterpress from polymer plates by David Clifford. He completed work at the end of June, and Barbara is now immersed in all the hand coloring, embroidering and pop-up construction for the wheels.
The edition of 30 copies will be uniformly bound in a profusion of color and issued in a matching box, created by Claudia for this project, along with a set of six dry artists' pigments in small glass vials. It will be published this fall by Heavenly Monkey Editions, and has been fully subscribed for some time already. Barbara's talk will be a unique opportunity to get a personal tour through the book, and gain insights to her process for designing what will be her most ambitious book construction yet. She's an excellent speaker, and I urge you to attend. Afterwards we'll all retire to Ann Vicente's studio on the Island for drinx.

On Tues 17 July Paul Mazzucca, a typography instructor at EC, will be giving a talk. I don't know much about his work, but I believe he recently issued a letterpress book, and I saw a very cool digital color collage 'zine of his at Magpie Books on Commercial.

As a mark of how desperate they are this year, I will be sweeping up after Barbara & Paul at the same place, same time the following week (July 19). I will be talking about Iskandariya, the HM collaboration with EC alumna Briony Morrow-Cribbs and poet Brigit Pegeen Kelly. This "little" project has threatened to overtake all our lives, but we seem to have gained control in recent weeks, and through poor planning the the book probably will appear at about the same time as Barbara's. (Look for both at this fall's Alcuin Wayzgoose, Nov 17.) The talk will be about the very convoluted design process, over 18 months, that we all endured. With lots of slides, it will cover issues of design, construction, combining printing techniques and papers, and binding. It will also offer some insight to how a publisher/printer, artist, author, and binder - each in a different city - collaborate on a publication like this. (This talk will be based on the pamphlet being issued exclusively with the 15 deluxe Artist's Issue copies of the book.) You can see some details Iskandariya and Barbara's project here. I realize it's summer, and hopefully you're all busy with your own book projects, but FYI Briony did ask me to note down the names of those she knows who do not show up, so fair warning.