Monday, September 03, 2007

Are You Geeky Enough to be a Librarian?

Take this simple test to determine whether you have the stuff to make a potential librarian:

(1) You enjoy acronyms.

(2) You own a cat.

(3) When you are confronted with a pile of books you think, “Hmm…first I would sort by author, then by title?

(4) You are obsessive enough to appreciate the difference between 345.065 and 345.605.

(5) You possess a useless undergraduate degree.

(6) Being surrounded by books makes you lather with delight.

(7) The idea of someone preventing you from reading Orwell because they don’t like it strikes you as Orwellian.

(8) You are comfortable with the Internet.

(9) If your house caught on fire, one of the things you would grab is your favourite book.

(10) You possess a useless graduate degree.

(11) You can “daisy-chain a herd of Ubuntu boxes” faster than you can say “FreeBSD.”

(12) These kids today, you swear. If they would just read a damn book once in awhile, they wouldn’t be blowing each other up so much.

(13) You could find out the middle name of someone’s high-school boyfriend in just ten minutes on the Internet.

(14) You could find out the first line of A Tale of Two Cities with just ten seconds on the Internet.

(15) You know the first line of A Tale of Two Cities!

(16) You are a disenfranchised intellectual.

(17) The idea of arming the public with knowledge appeals to you more than, say, arming them with pitchforks and torches.

(18) You would rather do something cool than get rich.

(19) You possess a useless doctoral degree.

(20) You can say “Colon classification” without laughing.

--From Richard Hopkins

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