Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Bevy of Upcoming Book Fairs

The details of our upcoming book fair in Vancouver (October 15-16, 2010 at Library Square, Vancouver Public Library) are now posted online, including a list of exhibitors and more. As you may know, there has not been an antiquarian book fair in Vancouver since the early 1990s, so it's high time for a comeback!

Who can you expect to see at the Vancouver Antiquarian Book Fair? To answer this, I've compiled a list:

Booth 101   Purpora Books   www.purporabooks.com
Booth 102   Joyce Williams Antique Prints & Maps   www.jwprintsandmaps.com
Booth 103   Stephen Lunsford Books
Booth 104   Stillman Books   www.stillmanbooks.com
Booth 105   Thompson Rare Books   www.thompsonrarebooks.com
Booth 107   Brendan M. Moss, Esq.
Booth 108   Chorbajian Books
Booth 109   Tremain Haynes
Booth 110   Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books   www.alexandremaps.com
Booth 111   Amicus Books
Booth 112   MacLeod's Books
Booth 113   J. King, Bookseller   www.abebooks.com/home/alcuin
Booth 114   Historicana / The Szyk Haggadah   www.szyk.com
Booth 115   The Wayfarer's Bookshop   www.wayfarersbookshop.com
Booth 116   Voyager Press Rare Books   www.voyager-press.com
Booth 117   Wilfrid M. de Freitas, Bookseller   www.defreitasbooks.com
Booth 118   Aquila Books   www.aquilabooks.com
Booth 119   Greenfield Books   www.greenfieldbooks.com
Booth 120   Bjarne Tokerud, Bookseller   www.bjarnetokerud.com
Booth 201   Sagewolf Books
Booth 202   David Ellis, Bookseller
Booth 203   Kestrel Books   www.kestrelbooks.ca
Booth 204   Craig Bowlsby, Bookseller
Booth 205   Women in Print
Booth 206   Brown's Books   www.brownsbooks.ca
Booth 207   Hourglass Books
Booth 208   Bill Bartlett Collectibles
Booth 209   Sorensen Books   www.sorensenbooks.ca
Booth 210   Murdoch's Bookshoppe  www.abebooks.com/bookseller/murdochsbookshoppe
Booth 211   Ainsworth Books   www.ainsworthbooks.com
Booth 212   The Alcuin Society   www.alcuinsociety.com

Not to be outdone, it seems there are a host of other cities with upcoming book fairs of their own. This includes the Montreal Antiquarian Book Fair (September 25-26, 2010), the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair (October 9-10, 2010), the Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair (October 29-31, 2010), and of course, who can forget Frankfurt (October 6-10, 2010). Next year will see the California Antiquarian Book Fair in Los Angeles (February 11-13, 2011), as well as the New York Antiquarian Book Fair (April  8-10, 2011).

Which of the book fairs is the fairest of them all? Well, that honour might have to go to the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, whose website boasts: "THE BEST BOOK FAIR IN THE WORLD". The quote is attributed to none other than Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes, CBS. The event celebrated its 5oth anniversary in April of this year; to see if they live up to their reputation, you'll have to read this enticing account of the event and decide for yourself: http://antiquesandthearts.com/...2010-04-27__12-59-07.html

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