Sunday, December 12, 2010

Books in Production: Second Printing of Duthie's Bookmarks

Just an update on the production of our edition of TAKAO TANABE: Sometime Printer.

The production run of 70 books (increased from 50) is well on it's way to completion, and over half of the books are already spoken for. If you were interested in acquiring a copy of this book, it is recommended that you act soon and place your orders asap!

TAKAO TANABE: Sometime Printer is $185 CDN; place your order by email.

The new Alcuin edition "Takao Tanabe: Sometime Printer"

On a somewhat related note, last weekend, Takao gave an artist talk at the West Vancouver Museum as part of his exhibition of paintings. If you missed the artist talk, you still have 10 days to catch his show; it runs until December 23, 2010 (as stated previously, the Alcuin Society is not affiliated with this exhibition).

Back to the topic of book production, over the past year or so, we have received a heartfelt plea to print a few more copies of the Duthie's Bookmarks book, which was originally published in 2008. As such, we are also in the process of a second print run of an additional 10 copies of this book. Again, over half of these books are already spoken for, so with just a handful of copies available, order your copy soon!

The second printing of Duthie's Bookmarks is also $185 CDN. Again, you can place your order by email.

Duthie's Bookmarks ~ spine

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Book Design Awards 2010: Official Call for Entries

Our annual book design awards official call for entries has just been posted. Read all the details in the bilingual PDF entry form. In addition to posting all the fine print about the competition, we're pleased to announce the names of our three esteemed judges. They are:

  • Alan Brownoff
    Book designer, Artist
    University of Alberta Press
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • CS Richardson
    Book designer, Author
    Random House of Canada
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Dr. Shelley Gruendler
    Book designer, Typographer, Professor
    Vancouver, British Columbia

Any typographic or publishing forum would be lucky to have any one of these three in attendance; we look forward to having all three participate in our proceedings next year.

For those of you who happen to notice an outstanding Canadian book produced in the calendar year, please be sure to spread the word about our competition! Remember, this applies to student work and artist limited editions. For those entering books in the competition, the important deadline to remember is March 10, 2011.

For further information, contact Leah Gordon
Telephone 604 732 5403