Friday, May 20, 2011

Big thanks to Booklyn!

We'd like to once again officially extend our appreciation once again to Booklyn Artists Alliance for visiting us. Our show and tell event was a resounding success, with attendance reaching 43 people! It was great to hear Felice give her first person tales of Booklyn, and see such a diverse set of artist books from contributors around the world. Below are a few photos selected from the photoset of the evening. Once again, a big thank you for ChalkX for providing the community space for the event!

Booklyn Arts show and tell
Booklyn show and tell

Felice presenting the books
Felice presenting the books

Booklyn Arts show and tell
Slapdown, the Book
Slapdown, the Book, has definite hands-on appeal! The book concept and drawings are by Damara Kaminecki, text by Jeremy Schmall. Production design by Mark Wagner and Sara Parkel with Amy Mees, printed and bound by Sara Parkel and Cat Glennon with Jamie Munkatchy.
More about the book, which is produced in an edition of 50, from the Booklyn website.

Thanks also to my colleague Rachael Ashe, who also blogged about the event here. Her recent fairy tale series of altered books is a delight!

For further reading; virtual exhibition Artists' Books: Bound in Art featuring a showcase of work artists from across Canada, from the Library of Canada Archives.

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