Thursday, December 27, 2012

Call for Entries: Alcuin Society 2012 Book Design Competition

The Alcuin Society will hold its 31st national book design competition, The 2012 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada, on March 23rd, 2013, in Vancouver.

To be eligible, a book must have been published in calendar year 2012 by a Canadian publisher and designed by a Canadian designer. There is no limit to the number of titles you may enter. The entry fee is $35 per title ($30 for Alcuin Society members). In addition, we are offering a discount of 15% for 6 or more entries. We strongly encourage you to become members; the annual fee is still only $50.

Although much of the Call is the same as last year's, please note the changes in this year's criteria for Limited Editions.

The Call is available in PDF form on the Society's web site:

To enter, print a copy of the entry form (from the PDF) for each title, and send it in a package with the book(s), together with one cheque for the total amount. The deadline is March 1, 2013. More details appear in the Call, or you may contact

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Robert Chaplin's launch of "TEENY TED FROM TURNiP TOWN"

Well, it's official. The world's smallest book is almost here (large print edition!)

Robert Chaplin's Kickstarter publishing endeavour to see TEENY TED FROM TURNiP TOWN published in a human-friendly-scale book is about to launch next Tuesday!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 
18:00 until 22:00
Smash Gallery in East Vancouver
580 Clark Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3H7

From the Facebook event page:

If you don't know Robert Chaplin personally, there's a good chance you've heard of him over the last few months. Chaplin is the creative mastermind behind the Guinness Book of Records World's Smallest book, TEENY TED FROM TURNIP TOWN and a few months ago he took to Kickstarter to make his dream of creating a large print edition of the world’s smallest book. worked and now, just in time for Christmas,

"TEENY TED FROM TURNiP TOWN" is OUT and we are gonna Party!

Originally carved into a microchip and requiring Simon Fraser University’s scanning electrograph microscope to read it, “TEENY TED” was ?truly once so teeny-tiny, the entire book was no bigger than a strand of the hair on your head.
Robert is a long time Alcuin member, and he's got lots of other wonderful feathers in his cap, with book titles like DELiCiOUS CHiCKEN SOUP, TeN CoUNTiNG CaT, The elephant Book and BRUSSELS SPROUTS & UNiCORNS! For more on Robert's work, see this post over at