Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Donate Aeroplan Miles to Support our Book Design Competition

We're pleased to announce there is a new way to donate Aeroplan Miles to our Society's account. It's quite simple, and you can donate at any time of the year (minimum 1,000 miles per donation).

Here's the bonus for donors - donating means that there is "action" on an account, and that will keep an account current that might otherwise expire. Did you know accounts on Aeroplan expire if there has been NO action for a year?! So, say you had 22,000 points and were saving for a trip. If you don't use the points for a year, they would go "Poof"! But if instead you donated a few 1,000 points, that would give you another whole year to accumulate the rest of the points you might need!

To donate; all you need to do is follow this link.

Click "donate now" then enter your Aeroplan number and password and the number of points you want to give. You can choose to make your donation anonymous or with recognition. It's that easy!

These donations are a great assistance to our annual book design competition, as we must provide airfare to Vancouver for three judges selected from across Canada.  A special thanks to all those who have donated in the past, and we're grateful for all those who will consider this donation method for the future!

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