Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don't Count the Printed Word Out Just Yet

Some interesting results on the e-book versus the print book for children readers. These results were announced at the 2013 Digital World Conference & Expo in a session entitled Children’s Publishing Goes Digital. Kristen McLean, founder and CEO of a company named Bookigee, reported that “teen attitudes toward e-books are ‘snapping back’ to print. She cited the ability to swap favorite titles and the decreased novelty of e-readers as possible motivators. “E-readers” observed McLean “are not a social platform.”

A Codex study uncovered similar attitudes in younger children. “Less than half of kids age three to 12 are reading or experiencing digital books,” Peter Hildick-Smith, said. “Print is still king.”

When asked why teens’ preferences were shifting toward print books, publishing executive Tina McIntyre said, “Kids model their behavior after their parents . . . they’re still seeing their parents read physical books.” Carl Kulo, senior data analyst at Bowker, added, “It’s all about focus.”

Print books don’t provide the same distractions that a full-loaded tablet offers, and this remains attractive to a majority of parents.

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