Friday, May 03, 2013

A life in publishing: Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre will give a presentation to the Alcuin Society on May 21, at 7:30. It is bound to be a night to remember because, without a doubt, Scott has lots to say about books and publishing. It is taking place at the UBC University Golf Club, 5185 University Boulevard, Vancouver following our AGM.

Scott McIntyre has been a central and passionate presence in the Canadian publishing industry. Together with Jim Douglas, he founded Douglas & McIntyre publishing house in 1970, which brought around 500 books into the world, making them the greatest Canadian publisher. Throughout its activity, D&M maintained a high standard, striving to publish high-quality books and promoting Canadian authors.

In a time when it is not uncommon for publishers to go out of business, and the future of the printed book is uncertain, Scott is not afraid to look ahead with optimism and consider the changes to come. He is not intimidated by the existence and growth of ebooks. On the contrary, he embraces them, considering them "the new mass paperbacks." He thinks, however, that publishers should explore new business models, find new ways to stay in business. The good news? "Writing is not going away."

Not least impressive are Scott McIntyre's sense of humour and his storytelling skills. Scott McIntyre on cow stretch marks: [video link]

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