Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scott McIntyre at the AGM

The Alcuin Society Annual General Meeting was the place to be on Tuesday night, May 21, if you wanted to rub shoulders with the big names of the publishing trade and attend a very inspiring talk by Scott McIntyre, veteran publisher and co-founder of the acclaimed Douglas & McIntyre.

Scott delighted the audience with a remarkable presentation that immersed everybody in recollections of more than 40 years of activity. It all started in grade 11, when he was "seduced by the world of print, paper and type at an early age" as he puts it, to the moment when he says "I saw the last of the game as it was played by us, book people".

In his easy, casual, relaxed style, Scott took us on a time journey that emphasized the publishing standard of "the book comes first", the money struggles, but also the energy and engagement present in publishing community in general, and at D&M in particular. He talked with passion and excitement about moments in his career, and dear friends he made along the way. But in the end, "the chains are going to be here and destroy the ecology of books. We either put a stand or lose. We put a stand and lost," Scott smiled nostalgically.

Eventually, the audience left the room absolutely inspired by such a testimony about the joy, serendipity, angst and gratification of publishing. It was a vibrant occasion for reminiscence for the connoisseur, and an eclectic introduction into the publishing culture for the layperson.

Update! You can watch Scott McIntyre's entire presentation on YouTube or download the audio here.

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