Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The beauty of letterpress

An interesting initiative comes from Neenah Paper from Alpharetta, Georgia: they put together a website, the Beauty of Letterpress, to celebrate the wonderful craft and the unique results of letterpress printing. The website serves as a resource for the enthusiasts, introduces a history of the technique and presents an extensive list of the letterpress printers in the United States. Most importantly, it features many examples of letterpress prints, so the visitors can admire the beautiful results and the possibilities offered by this type of printing.
It would be great to have a similar resource in BC to bring the community together. After all, there is no better counterargument to the extinction-of-the-print theory than a beautifully designed piece of letterpress work.


  1. Great post! Thank you for bringing it up to the community's attention.
    NOTE: Canadian printers are also allowed AND listed on this site. Gladly, lovers of letterpress do not recognize the 49th parallel as a 'border' to the love and appreciation of letterpress :)
    Fox & Found Press
    Vancouver, BC

    1. That is wonderful news (and please forgive my oversight). I think letterpress is one of the most beautiful and distinctive aspects of print that has a lot of potential even in a digital age. I am sure Alcuin will find more ways to celebrate it. All ideas welcome!