Monday, May 13, 2013

The Internet Archive

There is a dull ache in witnessing the word losing its power in print and slipping into the digital realm. But the good news is that the word is just changing, not vanishing. There are more readers than ever before, and it is getting easier and easier to get quick access to any published content.

The concept of 'library' has changed as well, being challenged by the digital revolution. While we do not know how things are going to evolve in the future, we also have to acknowledge the good aspects of the electronic realm, even in a field as traditional and palpable as the library. Enter the Internet Archive, which is a non-profit organization established in 1996 in San Francisco. It includes a wide range of historical collections, such as texts, audio, software, and archived web pages. Its goal is to help preserve these outstanding resources, while facilitating their access for researchers, historians, and all interested, really. Print related, there are some wonderful books from the beginning of the 20th century which are scanned and made available to the general public.

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