Friday, June 21, 2013

Roundup of 1984 covers

Published more than 60 years ago, 1984 continues to be relevant to this day, maybe now more than ever. Surrounded by conspiracy theories, lamenting about the government so-called peeking into our private lives, keeping a weather eye on our cell phones and computers, our fears find a place of resonance in the novel. Obviously, there is no shortage of readers and fans for 1984, since it has had so many editions and it feels like it had more (and better designed) covers than any other book in existence.

I recently spotted this new cover and I thought it was exceptional: the title and author are blocked and can be deciphered only when the book is slightly turned into the light. A simple, yet clever solution.

This sparked a research for other 1984 covers, which is by no means exhaustive. Vintage to modern, literal to figurative, simple to intricate, there is something for everybody. My favourite? The one in the middle created by Shepard Fairey in his distinctive style.

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