Sunday, August 18, 2013

The MBS Conclave 2013 in Pictures

Last week, the Miniature Book Society wrapped up their annual gathering in Vancouver, British Columbia, and if by chance you missed out on the event, here's a photo recap of just a few highlights.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz, in miniature! What better book exemplifies the spirit of wonder than this! Published in Leipzig in 2007 by Miniaturbuchverlag.

Quadrupeds with Elegant Engravings from Drawings by Alfred Mills

Here's a little title with a lot of pedigree: Quadrupeds with Elegant Engravings from Drawings by Alfred Mills was published in 1815!

James M Brogan at MBS Vancouver

James Brogan is the publisher of The Microbibliophile, a bimonthly journal which has been covering the miniature book world since 1977. Learn more about subscribing here.

Editions by Plum Park Press

Tony Firman of Plum Park Press had some exquisite bound volumes of the classics on display, and how does he create such fine work? He also makes his own bookbinding hardware in miniature! You simply must see his meticulously adorable bookbinding tools of the trade here. I dare say any one of these tools would be an appropriate addition to a book lover's mantel!

Leatherbound three volume miniature set

Arno Gschwendtner had a great selection of antique miniature books, including this leather bound three volume set which looks impressive at any scale!


Here Arno shows a copy of Betbuechlein, the Viennese printer Ludwig Bonnoberger's prayer book of 1607, reprinted in miniature in 1912 in Vienna.

A Pandora's Box

A Pandora's Box, with unconventional binding! Miniature art book demonstrated by Aiden from Lux Mentis.

Cigars, Whisky, and Beer

Miniature books have long been a showpiece of technology, craftsmanship, and creativity. It seems they also seek to celebrate every imaginable passion, like this three volume set — an ode to cigars, whisky, and beer, also brought in by Lux Mentis. Whatever your passion, you can rest assured, there's a miniature book to suit your taste! Now the challenge; seek, and ye shall find it!

2013 MBS Competition & Exhibition

The officially entered books in the 2013 MBS Competition & Exhibition were presented in this lovely large scale bound cabinet, which would make the ultimate display case for the connoisseur collector! The truth is, while every book collector's shelves are generally full to overflowing, there's always room for a few more miniatures! Next time you're thinking of the perfect gift for a true book lover, think small!

This blog post really just scratched the surface, photographed in a whirlwind tour last Sunday afternoon. For more photos, see the complete photoset over at the Alcuin photostream. Special thanks to BC's own Jan Kellett of De Walden Press for playing host to the conference! Till next year!

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