Friday, October 18, 2013

The Alcuin Awards night in Toronto

The Eastern Canada Awards took place on October 7, 2013 at The Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. While some might be so overwhelmed by the number of awards given to Andrew Steeves of Kentville, Nova Scotia to consider these “The East Coast Awards” the facts are that designers travelled to Toronto from Winnipeg (Brandon Bergem), from Montreal Jeff Kulak and Jolin Masson, Patrick Bisson, and Mathieu Cournoyer (of Multiple) and from Merrickville, (near Ottawa), Larry Thompson and Holly Dean of Greyweathers Press. In addition, Toronto and area designers, Zab, Carelton Wilson, Mark Goldstein, Linda Gustafson and Peter Ross also attended. There were 82 people in attendance for the evening.

The evening also marked the opening of an exhibition in The Great Hall of the Arts and Letters Club organized by Club Members (and Alcuin members) Stan Bevington, Don McLeod and Chester Gryski entitled Winning Book Design: The Elements Combined. The Exhibition in two parts displayed original drawings by Carl Dair for Cartier and the development of work from preliminary drawings to final product with work by Tim Inkster for Out of the Wood, Wallace Edwards for Uncle Wally’s Old Brown Shoe (Alcuin award winners this year) and from George Walker for The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson (Alcuin Award winner last year) and Tom McNeely. This Exhibition will remain on view at the Club until the end of October. Unfortunately, there is no public viewing of this exhibit planned. Those who know a club member can visit the Club with that person to view the exhibit.

Will Rueter attended the evening and we were able to honour him as the latest recipient of the Robert R. Reid Award and medal.

Brian Maloney and Will Reuter at the Alcuin Awards. Credit: Don McLeod
The speaker for the evening was Rod McDonald who spoke about the development of Cartier. Rod has researched this topic in the Carl Dair fonds held at Massey College in Toronto. He shared with his audience some of the facts about Carl Dair and Cartier that he has gleaned from this research and the insights that he has gained.   

Rod McDonald in front of a sample display of Cartier Book. Credit: Don McLeod
In all, a well received and very successful evening.

Chester Gryski

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