Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Judith Poirier acclaimed at the Ottawa International Animation Festival

For the Alcuin members who are avid readers of Amphora, Judith Poirier is no stranger. They should be familiar with her name and talents from Marlene Chan's excellent article, Enthusiasms and Eccentricities, published in our latest issue. The article examines Judith's approach of teaching book design at Université du Québec à Montréal. However, this September, Judith's experimental work, in which she uses print and film side by side, won her the Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival for Two Weeks - Two Minutes.

The project was developed while she was in residency at the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago and consists of a movie and a book that are a reflection of each other. The animation movie and its soundtrack were created by printing on celluloid using letterpress. The book was printed directly on the press using the collection of wood and metal type belonging to the Center.

Judith Poirier also received an Alcuin Honourable Mention in 2009 in the Limited Edition category for her typographical work in Dialogue.

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