Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Designers from the Netherlands

Brigitte Schuster, a graphic designer currently based in Switzerland, publishes her book entitled Book Designers from the Netherlands, featuring a series of interviews of thirteen prominent contemporary Dutch book designers, and she aims to sell the book in advance of publication (April 2014).
Between 2010 and 2013, Brigitte Schuster interviewed thirteen prominent contemporary book designers from the Netherlands: Joost Grootens, Karen Polder, Ron van Roon, Fran├žoise Berserik, Armand Mevis, Walter Nikkels, Hansje van Halem, Robbert and Oscar Schrover, Caroline de Lint, Bram de Does, Tessa van der Waals, Adriaan de Jonge. Coloured illustrations of the book designers and their works are featured in this 300 page book.
The selected book designers represent different generations and are shaped by a wide diversity of experience and backgrounds. Some are detail-oriented typographers, others rather conceptual graphic designers. Some use the book as a platform for self-expression while others see themselves simply as craftspeople. Overall, it provides a unique perspective on today's Dutch book design scene, exploring diverging opinions and practices of interest to a broad international community of designers and book enthusiasts.
This is a self-initiated project. Brigitte Schuster depends on you – book, typography, graphic design and book design lovers around the world – to make it a reality as a printed book. Please spread the word, share the information and support the project by ordering your own copy now in advance of publication together with a unique perk -- excerpts from the interview recordings.

Book Designers from the Netherlands - cover

Book Designers from the Netherlands - inside spread

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