Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oscar's Art Books on Broadway is closing

I have very fond memories of Oscar's Art Books store. Most times getting off the 9 or 99 bus, I could not resist the magic pull of the store: the beautiful, colourful, heavy hardbacks proved irresistible. It was such an amazing experience cracking them open, browsing the exquisite printed pages, wistfully running my fingers over them and inhaling the fragrance of fresh ink. Hours later I would emerge with a dreamy look and usually with a book or two under my arm. Nothing you can get by flipping through an ebook, or ordering a book online.

I also associate different periods in my life and passions with different sections in Oscar's: my discovery of typefaces and layouts saw me spending a lot of time in the Typography section; my artistic dreams unravelled in front of Illustration or Watercolour books; my colourful fantasies were nurtured by CG Graphic section, with its amazing landscapes and characters.

Unfortunately those times will come to an end soon, as good old Oscar's is losing the corporate fight and will close its doors at the end of March. This is their official statement on Facebook:
Oscar’s Art Books opened March 15th 1990 and, after 24 years, Oscar’s Art Books will be closing its doors March 31st.

It’s been a great run, being on Broadway for 24 years, what a show! We’ve always moved with the times but unfortunately the internet has taken over.

Our sincerest thanks to all the great customers and the Vancouver art community who have supported Oscar’s as an independent bookstore throughout the years – thank you for your love and loyalty.
 This marks the end of an era. It was a pleasure knowing you, Oscar's. You will be missed.

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