Friday, February 07, 2014

Seth -- A cartoonist's life in broad strokes

"Cartooning is a solitary pursuit. The cartoonist sits alone at a drawing table for most of his life, struggling with himself and his past in an attempt to create something meaningful." Seth

Seth details the experience of the cartoonist's reclusive life in the article "The Quiet Art of Cartooning." Looking at his beautiful, distinctive work, one often wonders about the process that brings it to life. It turns out that random things go through the artist's head while working hard on drawing and inking. Snippets of memories, random thoughts, sometimes even full-blown emotional outbursts. And some of them find their way into the work that comes to life under the cartoonist's hand.

Seth's work, so moody and recognizable, has been influenced by The New Yorker classic style, with heavy lines and muted colours. After he started doing comics and illustration, he published his own series, Palookaville, which initially was assumed to be autobiographical. Since althen, Seth has illustrated and designed books and book covers, has had his work published in The New Yorker, The Walrus, the New York Times Magazine, and Canadian Notes & Queries, and Palookaville has just reached its 21st edition. His work is becoming more and more in demand, which may be because of the new-found popularity of the graphic novels and comics. "Seth's cartooning sensibility is front and centre in virtually every book design he produces," says Chris Oliveros, who has worked with Seth on the Palookaville series since 1991, quoted in Quill and Quire.

It is hard to predict what will be Seth's next project, but we know for sure that he is one of the judges in the Alcuin Book Design Competition that will take place on April 12.

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